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Burbank Elder Law Attorney
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“Failing to plan is planning to FAIL.” - Ben Franklin

Aging Happens...
Do I need Help from an Elder Law Lawyer?

"Yes, Aging Happens!...and, sad to say, Change is a part of our aging process. Changes in eyesight, hearing, bone density, the brain and other physical and psychological functional loss become more severe as people age. We need to be proactive in protecting our health, mental capacities and financial estates. Many adult children are the first to recognize that their elderly parents may need to get their estate prepared for the next step in the LIFECARE Maze."

The good news is, if we live to 65, we have the statistics behind us to live at least 18 more years… because modern medicine and healthy lifestyles have made it possible for us to live much longer than we could ever expected from previous generations.

The bad news is, the average 75 year old will potentially suffer from at least three (3) serious chronic conditions. Also physical longevity can bring with it many confusing and frustrating challenges. Long term health care, legal and financial planning are critical components to ensure that a senior’s needs are taken care of in order to protect their quality of care and quality of life.

With the first set of Baby Boomers turning 65 in 2011, Elder Law is becoming a more and more important part of today’s legal world.  Elder law attorney’s main goals are to be big part of helping seniors, their families and friends prepare their estates for the emotional, financial, medical changes that occur with aging.  LA LAW Medi-CAL Attorney’s focus is to help our clients plan so they can retire comfortably with the peace of mind that if they should become incapacitated, they will get quality care, while protecting their hard-earned savings and their home. Our attorneys are proud to guide our clients through the confusing Medi-Cal government system in a crisis situation.  The LA LAW Elder Law Lawyers also help families with Conservatorship issues and family disputes over senior’s and their care.

LA LAW Elder Law Attorneys can guide our clients in developing a comprehensive elder care plan work with their estate plan to help the family be prepared for future elder issues. Taking proactive legal planning actions can mean the difference in being prepared for changes or being totally surprised and not able to take advantage of what can be accomplished with pre-planning before a crisis strikes. Having an estate that is within range of Medi-CAL qualifications may save your life time savings and your home!

People have misconceptions that once they reach 65 health needs will be met by Medicare and supplemental health insurance. However, Medicare focuses on "Acute" care (meaning catastrophic events requiring hospitalization). Medicare only covers the costs of fixing the problem and up to 100 days of recovery, but this is short-term care.

While Medicare covers “Acute Conditions”, it does not cover "Chronic Conditions” requiring long-term care (i.e., memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, blindness, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), long term care giving needs, etc., etc.). Currently, the US medical system, Medicare is solely focused on Acute Care, and not on dealing with, paying for or preventing long-term care needs. There are few ways for seniors to pay for their long-term care. They have choices of Private Retirement Funds; Long-Term Care Insurance; or thinking that they have to destitute themselves to get on Medi-CAL. There are more options that an experienced Elder Law Attorney can suggest for these pressing family issues.

A family’s major concerns can quickly become their health, financial and legal circumstances. a loved one ages. Families generally do not totally address these issues BEFORE a health crisis situation occurs… requiring chronic care support. Once a loved one enters the LONG TERM CARE MAZE, the ability to provide quality care without losing the family home and life time savings becomes a critical focus for the entire family. These health problems can emotionally and financially burden the not only the well spouse, but the adult children that are trying to raise their own children. The decision making process and varied options for care are confusing and very frustrating to those that have no experience in elder healthcare and crisis management.

If you are asking these questions, you should speak to an experienced California Long Term Care Planning Elder Law Attorney:

• What legal documents do I need to make sure I can avoid a Conservatorship?

• Will my savings and retirement be enough for the rest of my life?

• Do I need long term care insurance?

• What legal planning & strategies can protect me, my family and my assets?

• If I need Skilled Nursing Long Term Care, can I protect my assets for my spouse and legacy?

• Can I stay at home and get in-home care? How do I find the best place for care that I can afford?

• As A Veteran, can I get help to pay for my care? What about my spouse?

• Does Medicare pay for my long term care? Do I need other health insurance coverage? What happens after the first 100 days of care?

• Is it too late for long term insurance?

• How much will I need to pay for my long term care?

• Can I qualify for Medi-CAL long term care even if I have a home and a retirement account?

Answers to these and other senior related questions are best answered by an experienced elder law attorney that has a compassionate understanding of Life Care Planning (the synergistic combination of Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Financial Planning & Elder Care Coordination).

We are proud to be a part of the complete solution to your family’s crisis, not just the lawyers that create the legal documents. We understand the issues surrounding the care of aging loved ones and what it takes legally to meet your needs and goals, while giving your family the peace of mind that your loved ones are getting the best care possible in a complex and confusing situation.

Please contact our office for a free initial consultation with Joseph McHugh, a California Elder Law Attorney. Or you may wish to call our office or check our web site for the date of our next free public class or workshop to learn more about elder law and the legal ways you can stay in control of your assets and your life!

After a thorough review of the best strategies for your family situation and our fees for the scope of work, we will structure a comprehensive estate plan created specifically to give you (or your loved one) the best care possible, while protecting your family assets and allowing you to stay in control of your life and your money.

Our Law Firm is located in Southern California; however, our Elder Law Lawyers serve many clients throughout the state and love an occasional road trip to help our clients, their family and friends.

We are very proud of the many personal and professional referrals we receive from happy clients and colleagues. Please contact our office today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

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