Learn from Prince… Get Your Affairs in Order!

No one wants to think about what happens if they should suddenly die! But one of the things every person over 18 and especially if they have an estate should definitely get their affairs in order just in case!

An estate does not mean millions of dollars of assets, like Prince had, but if you have a house and retirement account you need to talk to an estate attorney that can help you avoid probate, and assign who will help manage your affairs and who will get your assets.  This includes who you may want to disinherit too!  If you do not have these things in a will or a trust (depending on the size of your estate), then you will not necessarily have your assets go to the desired people in your life.

It is very important to have a review of your estate and make sure you have documents to establish your final wishes….otherwise your life will become public record and the government will step in and your asset distribution will be decided by the probate court system.  Who wants that?

See the attached article about what Prince’s estate is now experiencing:


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