Los Angeles Elder Law Attorney Protecting Seniors’ Assets… from the perspective of Summer UCLA Intern, Ryan Eason

I am a student at University of California, Los Angeles interning at LA Law Center, PC for the summer of 2016, and in my tenure here, this is what I’ve learned.

One’s twilight years should be a time of peace and security, not one of financial discord and stress. However, many senior citizens in the Southern California and Los Angeles area are tremendously burdened by the cost of long-term medical care and nursing homes, which currently averages roughly $8,000 a month in California. Sub-acute care can cost up to as much as $30,000 a month.

Despite these often-overwhelming inconveniences, there are opportunities to measurably reduce them through consultation with an elder law attorney. Many senior citizens in the Los Angeles area aren’t aware of their own eligibility to qualify for Medi-CAL, and without legal counsel, are forced to resort to dire financial compromises to afford long-term health care. That is why working with the team in Los Angeles at LA Law Center, PC is important, to be able to comprehend you and your loved one’s options to qualify for Medi-CAL benefits. It is certainly not necessary for you to “spend down” your assets to the $2,000 level or lose your home to get the financial security you deserve.

Through the reallocation of assets, transfer of non-exempt assets to exempt, and re-categorization of assets along State and Federal rules, our Los Angeles elder law attorneys will offer your family a strong, guiding hand toward receiving the financial assistance you and your family need, eliminating the necessity to resort to extreme measures to pay for nursing homes, such as depleting your savings.

At the LA Law Center, PC we understand Los Angeles families that wish to protect their hard-earned assets. We understand that every situation requires a unique and specialized approach, and in our office, you aren’t another client; you are a person. We understand that long-term medical care is not only a matter of numbers and figures, but also one of respect and dignity. And, most importantly, we understand the legal processes necessary to reallocate your assets to qualify for Medi-CAL while simultaneously ensuring those assets’ protection.

Joseph McHugh, Esq., our firm’s managing attorney, holds a “superb” 9.1 rating on Avvo.com, boasts a 100% success rate when it comes to qualifying clients for Medi-CAL, and has served the Los Angeles community since 1987. For a free consultation with our legal triage advisor, Kathy McHugh, call us at 818-241-4238.


Ryan Eason, Intern at LA Law Center, PC

UCLA ’17, English and Communications

Note: We wish to thank Ryan for doing a great job with us this summer… I think he understands Elder Law and what it takes to operate a small law firm! Joe & Kathy McHugh