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Burbank Probate Attorney
Probate Administration

“Failing to plan is planning to FAIL.” - Ben Franklin

Why Do I Need A Probate Attorney?

"As the court appointed Probate Attorney, we legally represent the estate’s executor and help deal with the California Probate Court system to carry out their responsibilities in probating an estate as skillfully and efficiently as possible. We are a great resource for out of town adult children that are faced with dealing with Probate issues in Los Angeles County."

If you are looking at this page, we are sad that you have probably lost a loved one!! The death of a family member is always difficult, and administering the probate estate of a loved one can be legally and emotionally challenging. Our attorneys and paralegals work closely with the Executor to complete the administration of the probate estate as expeditiously as possible, and we guide and advise the Executor regarding his or her responsibilities to discharge such duties. The probate of an estate provides a significant opportunity to save estate taxes and to adjust for changes in the decedent's family or other circumstances after the execution of his/her will.

In California, estates that are valued at more than $150,000 (including only probate assets) generally have to be probated though the Probate Courts. If you are not sure if an estate needs to go through Probate….call us for a free consultation.

Call us at: (818) 241-4238

As experienced California Probate Lawyers and paralegals, we are skilled and ready to help you with this complicated process. We work with the Los Angeles Probate Court in Downtown LA. The good news is… we go to court and you do not have to!! We report back to you and give you guidance as to the next court ordered steps.

Probate Fees

In California the personal representative and the probate attorney are each entitled to minimum statutory fees as set forth by the California Probate Code according to the following schedule that is paid at the end of the Probate with estate assets;

4% of the First 100,000   $4,000
3% of the Next 100,000   $3,000
2% of the Next 800,000   $16,000
1% of the Next 9,000,000   $90,000

**Attorneys may also charge extraordinary fees based on their hourly rate. This fee is calculated on the "estate accounted for" or generally the gross estate.

Probate Attorney Ready to Help With Administration

Probate Administration includes the probate process, as well as non-probate transfers of the deceased's assets, such as life insurance, annuities, qualified retirement plans, and trust assets and compliance with applicable estate tax requirements. Our Probate Paralegal and Attorneys assists the person in charge of the estate (Executor) in the gathering, valuation, accounting and distribution of the decedent's assets. We verify that federal estate tax returns are prepared, as well as prepare any other legal requirements in accordance with the law.

Most importantly, we help the Executor deal with the family and beneficiaries that are waiting for their inheritance!

When a person dies with only a Will (or no Will), assets in the decedent's name alone must be probated to transfer title. Any assets left in the will for the benefit of a person other than the surviving spouse are subject to probate. Some assets are not subject to Probate, these assets include but are not limited to, joint tenancy property, and insurance proceeds not payable to the estate, and retirement benefits not payable to the estate.

The Probate process starts with filing a death certificate and the Original Will with the appropriate Court (county must be in county where person died).

If there is no Will filing a request that the Court determine who the heirs are so the property can pass by intestate succession. The Court will determine the validity of any Will. Whether or not there is a Will, the Court will appoint a person to Administer the estate, that person is known as an executor, administrator or personal representative.

We guide the personal representative though collecting the assets subject to probate, pay debts and death taxes, and request Court authorization to distribute assets to the person named in the will or to the decedent's heirs.

The Sale of Real Property is supervised by the Court who will set a minimum price, and the property may be sold at Public Auction in court.

The Probate process usually takes one to two years or longer; however, the size and complexity of the probate estate determines the actual duration of the probate. Upon final distribution and transfer of all probate assets to the appropriate persons, the court discharges the personal representative. We are ready to help you through this complicated process!

We are proud to be a part of the complete solution to your family's crisis, not just the lawyers that create the legal documents. We understand the issues surrounding a person dying and their loved ones having to deal with the court system to close their estate.

After a thorough review of the best strategies and most cost effective process for the Probate Process and explain the statutory attorney fees and the scope of work, we will structure a comprehensive plan to help you through this complex legal process created specifically to for your situation.

We are very proud of the many personal and professional referrals we receive from happy clients and colleagues. Please contact our office today to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

Take advantage of a free phone consultation or appointment for a free 30 minute consultation to review your individual situation and determine if you would benefit from our experience and legal services.

Call us at: (818) 241-4238

We are highly experienced and caring law firm that has earned an excellent reputation as trusted California Estate Planning Attorneys, California Elder Law Lawyers, & California Special Needs Attorneys - serving clients throughout California and specifically in Los Angeles County in Asset Protection, Probate, Wills, Living Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Medi-Cal Asset Protection Irrevocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Medi-CAL Long Term Care Qualifications for clients with assets, protecting from Medi-Cal Estate Recovery and Disability Planning. Our staff is trained to communicate with you making you comfortable about our progress and while we expedite your legal matters. Our clients are individuals and families generally located in Burbank-Los Angeles or Southern California area. We have successfully represented and assisted clients in Central and Northern California, as well as helping individuals in cities throughout the United States that have family members living in the state of California, with their legal concerns. We are experienced in helping families with assets qualify or keep Medi-Cal benefits in California. We occasionally love a road trip to help clients out of the immediate Los Angeles area.



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