KNX 1070 Radio & LA Law Center “The Costs of Elder Care:  The Race Against Time Radio Show!”

As experienced Elder Law Attorneys and Medi-CAL staff, we are very pleased to be a part of a radio series on CBS KNX 1070 and KFWB 980 in Los Angeles, called ‘The Costs of Elder Care: The Race Against Time!’

This radio series program gives a lot of unknown information to the public regarding paying for  long term care in nursing homes and protecting family assets including the family home while qualifying for Medi-CAL (Medicaid).

Our Elderly Care Attorneys are passionate about educating everyone about options for seniors and their long term care! As an experienced Los Angeles Elder Law Attorney, Joseph McHugh, Esq. was interviewed by radio talk show host, Charles Feldman for his reporting of the challenges of the high costs of aging and the many options to pay for nursing home care including government programs. Of course one of these options is qualifying for Medi-CAL and Joe explains that middle class families with modest assets CAN qualify by reallocating their assets.

For additional information & replays of the interviews about elders and long term care on the CBS KNX Radio Station’s Web Site CLICK HERE!

As always, call us at LA LAW if you have concerns about your family and long term care! Elder Law Attorney,  Joe McHugh is dedicated to protecting senior’s assets, especially with a well spouse at home! Do not trust a social worker or other care professional to know elder law!! Talk to an Elder Law attorney in Los Angeles!

Our elderly care attorneys and staff are dedicated to informing the community about the Medi-CAL facts… and continue to fight the widespread misinformation and myths that surround Medi-CAL State Benefits qualifications, senior care and way to help paying for nursing home care.

Our highly experienced Medi-CAL Attorneys and Staff have a mission to educate the public about protecting seniors assets with California laws and rules for Medi-CAL gift transfers, eligibility, and Medi-CAL Estate Recovery.

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